Dec 31, 2010


If you saw my Google Reader, you would probably be stunned by the number of blogs saved there. 258. One I added today. Every once in a while I’ll see another blogger refer to their reader and how they have nearly 100 posts awaiting to be read there… I usually have around 1000. In my defense, some of those bloggers post ten to twenty posts per day. But the bargains I find on the days when I do have time to skim through make it worth it to keep them in the reader.

There are, however, some specific blog posts I’ve bookmarked because I keep going back to them. Recipes mostly, but some design ideas.

  • The Best French Toast Ever – Kimba has a pretty nice blog, writes very well and probably publishes with a typo. This is the French toast we had on Christmas Day and it was pretty good.
  • Shipwreck Casserole - $5 Dinners is great for quick dinner ideas. This casserole is kinda like a upside down Sheppard's pie, but with sliced potatoes instead of mashed.
  • Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Muffins – Angie is full of recipes and great tips! I made these muffins for our dessert auction just before Thanksgiving and they were fabulous! And if you make without the chocolate, they’re low-fat, low-calorie treats! Perfect for those new year’s resolutions.
  • $150 Greenhouse – it will probably be a couple of years before I build this, but for now it’s nice to know that I have the directions.
  • You have the Power! – Contains instructions on how to ship a box of… something to an orphanage in Siberia. These kids have little and even less of a chance of being adopted. For $13, you can let some children know that someone actually cares.
  • Free Embroidery Patterns – should I ever get a few minutes to embellish something
  • Hand-made Barrettes Tutorial – see above
  • Foil-Baked Tilapia – all I can say is yum! Even the kids will eat it on their current “I hate everything” kick.
  • Identifying Load Bearing Walls – if you are into remodeling or think you might, this is a good one to have on file.

What blog posts do you have bookmarked?

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